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The DVD, "Juniata, River of Sorrows"

The DVD, “Juniata, River of Sorrows,” released in March 2006, is a 37-minute multimedia presentation about the Juniata River and its tragic history. The DVD was produced by Dennis P. McIlnay, author of the best-selling regional book by the same title. The book has been bought by over 10,000 people since its publication in 2003.

The DVD, “Juniata, River of Sorrows,” has over 200 color photographs of the Juniata taken by McIlnay on his 15-day trip down the river, ancient maps and other rare documents from the 1600s and 1700s, stirring classical music, and narration by McIlnay. The DVD is based on the multimedia presentation about the Juniata River that McIlnay has shown to over 200 organizations in central Pennsylvania.

The DVD has eight parts:
• The Juniata River • “The Long Narrows”
• The Standing Stone People • The Fall of Fort Granville
• The Lenni Lenape • Armstrong’s Raid on Kittanning
• The Colonists • “Juneata Island”

The cost of the DVD is $17.75—$14.99 plus shipping ($1.76) and tax ($1.00) for residents of Pennsylvania.

You can buy the DVD:
• Through the mail using a check for $17.75 to “Seven Oaks Press”
• On-line at with MasterCard or VISA
• Toll-free at (866) 695-5960 with MasterCard or VISA

Order the DVD, “Juniata, River of Sorrows,” to go along with the book!