Table of Contents in The Horseshoe Curve

The Horseshoe Curve
The Horseshoe Curve: Sabotage and Subversion in the Railroad City
“Fascinating...suspenseful....I have enjoyed re-living events, learning what I never knew, and seeing it all—with McIlnay’s guidance....”
—William Harry Brady, J. Edgar Thomson Foundation

Table of Contents

Part One: The Wolf
Chapter 1       Nazis in the Night
Chapter 2       Cullen
Chapter 3       Off the Beach
Chapter 4       U-584
Chapter 5       Wolfsschanze
Chapter 6       “A Weak Spot”
Chapter 7       “A Bunch of Nit-Wits”
Chapter 8       Ausbildungsiager
Chapter 9       On the Beach
Chapter 10      On the Bar
Chapter 11      Manhattan
Chapter 12      Washington
Chapter 13      Chicago
Chapter 14      Arrests
Chapter 15      Dasch
Chapter 16      “As Guilty As It Is Possible To Be”
Chapter 17      The Commission
Chapter 18      Per Curiam
Chapter 19      The Commission Reconvenes
Chapter 20      Ten Thousand Volts
Chapter 21      Friends and Families
Chapter 22      Ex Parte Quirin
Chapter 23      “A Hundred Terrible Deaths”

Part Two: The Boss
Chapter 24      Alien Enemies in Altoona
Chapter 25      Discovery
Chapter 26      A Nation of Aliens
Chapter 27      The Palmer Raids
Chapter 28      August 24, 1936
Chapter 29      “Invented Terror”
Chapter 30      Legionnaires
Chapter 31      Alien Enemy Review Boards
Chapter 32      “A Divided Feeling”
Chapter 33      Liberty

Part Three: The Brain
Chapter 34      “This Broken and Diversified Country”
Chapter 35      Catch-Me-Who-Can
Chapter 36      The Main Line of Public Works
Chapter 37      The Allegheny Portage Railroad
Chapter 38      A Surveyor’s Son
Chapter 39      The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Chapter 40      Into the Woods
Chapter 41      President Thomson
Chapter 42      “The Elephant”
Chapter 43      “Scott Free”
Chapter 44      The Horseshoe Curve
Chapter 45      A Man and His Railroad
Chapter 46      St. John’s Orphanage
Chapter 47      Cathedral

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